The Beaux' Stratagem A Hit!

Middlesex School

For two evenings in November, the 16 cast members and 18-member crew of Middlesex Theatre's The Beaux' Stratagem left audiences breathless with laughter.  Long before there were cars or movies, George Farquhar wrote this road-trip comedy, which follows two young men, who leave London and head to the country desperate for fun, fortune, and female companionship.  The show's set design and construction was first-rate, and the cast had the audience captivated from beginning to end.  Bravo!   

The Cast:

Boniface: Eric Dolce

Daniel /Hounslow: Henry Minnervini

Cherry: Julia Donnell

A Lady: Elizabeth Telford

Jack Archer: Khari King

Tom Aimwell: Miles Petrie

Gloss: Christian Papadellis

Lady Bountiful: Madigan Drummond

Kate Sullen: Elizah Stein 

Dorinda: Claire Megan

Mistress Scrub: Jenny Welch

A Country Woman: Calloway Cox

Sullen: Gabe Smith

Bagshot: Toni Mattesich

Sir Charles Freeman: Will Scott

Foigard:  Sebastian Biber


The Crew:

Stage Managers: Alex Raymond, Maggie Knutzen

Assistant Stage Manager: Erica Miles

Light Board Operator: Justin Dichter

Sound Board Operator: Keki Takahara

Running Crew: Carol Almonte, Juliette Bendheim, Khoa Phan, Lucas Estrada, Tom Ren, Niall Willams, Melia White

Tech & Construction Crew:  Alex Raymond, Carol Almonte, Erica Miles, Hyun Choi, Juliette Bendheim, Justin Dichter, Keki Takahara, Khoa Phan, Lucas Estrada, Maggie Knutzen, Niall Willams, Nicholas Popov, Sonia Tremblay, Sydney Chapman, Tom Ren, Tim Wing, Katie Waltman

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