Haiku Contest

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The Haiku Contest is our annual herald of spring.  Director of Spirtual & Ethical Education Cabell King sought submissions in his own lyrical way:

Send me your haikus
Of what is noble, just, or true
Or of springtime fun

Cleverness, humor,
and profundity will be
decisive factors

The winner chose Athletic Director Joe Lang to read his haiku during the final Chapel before spring break:

I hate referees
Not because they make bad calls
Just that dang whistle
- Tim Wing '14

The following haikus received Honorable Mentions:

Help light the way March
Darkness of February
Has stolen my soul
- Thad Pryor '13

Welcome to prep school
Education is crucial
But I just want sleep
- Andrew Granato '13

I am Indian
Curry is my favorite food
I like it a lot
- Arushi Ray '14

If you hear these words
It means my haiku has won
Yay, congrats to me!
- Ali Stephens '14

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