Union of Opposites

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When Joshua Otoo ’14 arrived at Middlesex for the first time this fall, he didn’t quite know what to expect. Hailing from Ghana, he was eager to experience a new community and looked forward to the surprises that awaited him.  His roommate, Jeremy Bergeron ’14, was certainly a big surprise.
“I remember walking into my room for the first time and thinking, ‘Who’s this giant French guy?’ Joshua explained with a big grin. “It was awesome.” Standing at 6’5, Jeremy certainly fits the “giant” description, though as Joshua soon found out, his French-speaking roommate was actually from Quebec. Joshua also learned that Jeremy, like many a patriotic Canadian, is an avid and talented hockey player. This was exciting for someone like Joshua, who craved a new spectrum of people and experiences. He had never skated before.
Despite their apparent differences, the roommates soon discovered that they shared much more than just a dorm room. They were in three of the same classes, so studying together was at once a convenient, fun, and edifying experience. The two roommates grew particularly fond of biology, and look forward to advancing their studies in the discipline. Honors and AP biology will be challenging, they know, but the rigor of these courses seem less daunting because they have each other to work with.
Despite having their homelands separated by an ocean, Jeremy and Joshua have also bonded through their international statuses. They each face a unique challenge: as new juniors from outside the U.S, they must acclimate to not only a new school, but also a new country. Getting up to speed with the Middlesex curriculum is demanding enough without a language barrier, but Joshua and Jeremy have made a seamless transition. Their rapid progression from “new students” to active and integral members of the community speaks volumes of the talents and work ethic of each boy, but they do not hesitate to mention how helpful their roommate has been in their first semester. The transition is a lot easier, they each point out, when there’s an empathetic friend behind you the whole way.  
Joshua and Jeremy’s Middlesex experience continues to interweave in numerous ways. They each take piano lessons and love refining their natural talents in music. And just a few weeks ago, their bonding was finally put on ice. During a free skate in the rink one cold winter evening, Joshua laced up skates for the first time. He quickly fell –“an epic fall that belongs on YouTube” as Joshua describes – but luckily there was Jeremy, ready to help him up.
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