3rd Annual February Faceoff Challenge

MX Alumni Challenge: February Faceoff 2013

Middlesex alumni are a pretty loyal bunch. One operating theory is that this unique level of allegiance stems from years of compensating for an herbivorous zebra as a mascot. Whatever the explanation, Middlesex graduates are fiercely proud and defensive of the school, and we in the alumni office are constantly amazed by the level of loyalty and support our alumni maintain many years after their graduation.

From February 1st through 28th, our classes of 2000-2012 will participate in the third annual inter-ISL February Faceoff competition to see which school can garner the greatest increase in Annual Fund participation from these young alumni. The rivals are no strangers: Brooks, Rivers, St. Mark's, St. Pauls, The Governor's Academy, St. George's, Thayer, and Groton are all participating in this year's competition. (Incidentally, most of their mascots are also herbivorous, rendering their alumni bases equally competitive.)
Middlesex stormed the competition in its inaugural year, but suffered a loss to Brooks last February. This year, our class agent volunteers have assured us that they have top-secret plans in effect to restore Middlesex to its former ISL glory, and we are confident that the MX zebras will once again slay dragons, conquer pelicans and redwings, battle lions and tigers, defeat bishops and governors and even those other zebras down the road.
The donations garnered in the February Faceoff are invaluable to Middlesex. Foundations and donors evaluate Annual Fund participation rates, which are also used to determine independent school rankings. The funds support financial aid, faculty salaries, and 11% of the School's daily operating budget, allowing Middlesex to provide a full range of programming and experiences to every student.
Feeling inspired? Join the challenge. If you graduated from Middlesex between 2000 and 2012, a gift of ANY size made during the month of February will automatically count toward our participation rate. For all of our loyal alumni, contributions made before June 30, 2013 count toward our overall goal of 50% alumni participation.
The easiest way to participate is on our secure website: https://mxschool.edu/give. To learn about other ways to give or to find out if your employer matches charitable donations, visit our planned giving page and matching gift program page. For any questions about the February Faceoff or the Annual Fund, please contact Mollie Mattuchio (mmattuchio@mxschool.edu) or Alex Hanken (ahanken@mxschool.edu).
Thank you in advance for your ongoing loyalty and support!
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MX Alumni Challenge: February Faceoff 2013
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