Presenting Holka Polka, A Children's Play

On Sunday January 12th  at 2:00PM, Middlesex’s Theatre Department and Community Service Program will produce the children’s play Holka Polka: A Fairy Tale Mystery.  This performance is for children of all ages and is open to the public.  The story follows a good little witch, who sets out to save Fairy Tale land with the help of the Big Bad Wolf and Cinderella.  This Fairy Tale Mystery puts a new twist on some famous fables such as Humpty Dumpty, Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, The Wizard of Oz, and Hansel and Gretel. All proceeds from this performance will go to support The Linawo Children’s Home in South Africa.  The suggested donation for each ticket is five dollars.  Tickets can be purchased at the door and no reservations are needed.

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