Middlesex Completes Hour of Code

“I just wrote 66 lines of code!” Passing by the Middlesex Technology Center any afternoon during the week of December 9 – 13, you would have encountered an unusual sight:  students and faculty packed the room, the hallway, and neighboring classrooms, engaged in programming activities on laptops, iPads, or their smartphones.  During Computer Science Education Week, over 330 members of the Middlesex community participated in the “Hour of Code.” An impressive 280 students (75% of the student body) completed approximately 30,000 lines of code! 

Nationally, over 15 million students wrote over half a billion lines of code in conjunction with the “Hour of Code” campaign. The purpose of this event, conceived and organized by Code.org, was to expose students to coding and computer science. 

To learn more about the Hour of Code and Code.org’s mission, Middlesex Head of Computer Science Ashok Pillai recommends watching this video interview with the Partovi twins, the co-founders of Code.org, as well as reading these articles from the Washington Post and the US News & World Report:

photo by Christina Sotirescu '16

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