Amy Gleason: Math, Community Service, and MX Parent

Amy Gleason has been a part of the Middlesex faculty for nearly two decades, and she is as busy as ever. In addition to teaching a full slate of math courses, she has worked tirelessly as the leader of the school’s Community Service initiatives, organizing both smaller weekly events and larger, school-wide affairs in philanthropy. Amy also serves the role of Middlesex parent to Danny ‘09, Sara ‘11, and Stevie ‘14. And let’s not forget her two-dozen surrogate daughters in Higginson, where she serves as head of house.

Besides helping others, what is your favorite part about running the school's Community Service Program? I enjoy witnessing the power that doing service can have on students.  When students make real connections with the people they are serving or see firsthand the impact of their service, I know that they will carry this with them into their lives beyond Middlesex. This means a lot to me.

You have been a Middlesex faculty member for nearly two decades. What about the school has changed the most since you first began? I think the students now are generally more motivated than they were in the early 90s. While there have always been a large number of diligent and motivated students during my time, it seems that virtually all current students are engaged fully with the life and programs of the school.

What has changed the least? The school is still a warm and vibrant community of students, staff and faculty.  We know each other well, we care about each other and we enjoy being together in and out of the classrooms.

You are currently both a Middlesex teacher and parent. What is the most rewarding part about being a Middlesex parent? Being a Middlesex parent gives me an opportunity to see the amazing work of my colleagues from a different perspective.   I am so grateful that our children have had the incredible experience of being a part of the Middlesex community as students in the school.  Watching them learn from and being inspired by my friends and colleagues is the most rewarding part about being a Middlesex parent.

photo by Jay Welch '13

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