Saying Thanks: Community Service Day

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Middlesex is fortunate to be surrounded by a network of wonderfully supportive and fascinating communities, and this past Monday our annual Community Service Day allowed both students and faculty to show their gratitude.

While Class III traveled to Westwood, MA for their sophomore class retreat, the rest of the school spread across the state in small teams comprised of students and faculty. Several groups enjoyed the beautiful fall weather as they planted, harvested, and weeded the land of local farms in Lincoln, Beverley, and Lynn. While these groups helped farmers cultivate food, other teams volunteered at food distribution centers, assisting with meal preparation, allocation, and clean up at homeless shelters and food banks.

Other teams visited retirement communities to meet, share stories, and perform music for the elderly residents. Buses of Middlesex students also traveled to Dorchester and Lawrence to help with the landscaping of economically disadvantaged schools. Closer to home, a team took a short walk across Lowell Road to The Children’s Meeting House, where they helped the preschool with outdoor and indoor cleanup. Even our own backyard benefitted from the spirit of Community Service Day, as an enthusiastic crew of students and faculty removed some pesky rocks from the new Middlesex School Garden, which is an exciting part of the school’s sustainability initiative.

A total of 346 students and faculty participated in a rewarding day that was diligently organized by Amy Gleason, Paul Torres, and the senior Community Service Officers. The school provided over 1,000 hours of volunteer work to the community, the equivalent of six months of 40-hour workweeks. When the day drew to a close and service groups shared their stories, one notion became clear: as we spread across the state to show our gratitude for the good work of each venue, our respect and appreciation for these communities only grew. The supportive and friendly environments provided by the on-site leaders of each project, coupled with the enthusiastic efforts of Middlesex volunteers, led to another successful Community Service Day.  

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