Math and Science Summers

During the school year Middlesex math and science labs are energetic havens for exploration and discovery. For many students, this excitement bubbles over into the summer.

 Last summer many of the school’s budding mathematicians and scientists spread across the globe to continue pursuing the passions they first cultivated in Middlesex labs. Nick Stewart ’13 and Brian LeMeur ’13, for instance, spent a portion of their summer in the Dominican Republic, where they lived at an environmental school, taught classes, and conducted environmental-science projects for the local community. “The best summer of my life,” as Brian describes it, is currently being supplemented this fall, as both Nick and Brian are taking AP Environmental Science.            

Miranda Kotidis ’13 was also busy in the sciences this summer, though her research was closer to home. Miranda worked in AgeLab at MIT, where she helped update one of the school’s most famous projects, the AGNES Suit. As Miranda explains, The AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy System) Suit “is a tool for students, product developers, and engineers to accurately represent musculoskeletal effects and other challenges associated with aging.”  Miranda assisted researchers by testing various materials for the suit’s bungees and resistance bands, and she helped identify and improve problematic design areas. As a result, the suit now fits almost anyone and can realistically impair gait, balance, and reach –three critically important areas in the research of skeletal aging.

While Miranda refined the AGNES Suit, two other Middlesex seniors also explored the medical industry. Lucy Hale ’13 attended a Lead America Medicine and Healthcare conference at the University of California, San Francisco, where she took a close look at the medical discipline to help her decide if she may want to attend medical school one day. On the opposite coast Nick Kafker ’13 spent a week at Georgetown University’s medical school. Nick attended lectures, worked with medical students, and worked in cadaver labs as he explored the national institute of health. Nick, like many of Middlesex’s young scientists, was eager to return to school this fall and get back in the science labs, where he could share the stories of his fascinating summer while continuing to strengthen his grasp of the discipline.

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