Mary Mae Village Construction

Middlesex Mary Mae Village

In the summer of 2011, the Mary Mae Foundation identified Middlesex as a candidate for a grant for faculty housing. Upon receipt of Middlesex's application, the Mary Mae Foundation granted Middlesex $500,000 to help fund a new complex of five faculty houses, the “Mary Mae Village.”  Now, just over a year later and thanks to the support of several generous donors, Middlesex will be able to provide more faculty housing on campus.  The Mary Mae Foundation strives to facilitate and enhance academic excellence in independent schools by supporting faculty housing projects, and at Middlesex, the “Mary Mae Village” will do just that.  Enhancing the residential atmosphere of Middlesex, the “Mary Mae Village” groundbreaking occurs with ideal timing, as nine faculty babies were born in the last academic year alone!

The effects of this construction reach beyond simply housing our faculty. Extraordinary faculty are the backbone of Middlesex's ability to "find the promise" in the young minds entrusted to the School each year, and the Mary Mae village is an opportunity for the School to demonstrate its gratitude to these community members for their daily efforts. This project will renew Middlesex's commitment to attracting and recruiting faculty who are wise, imaginative, passionate, creative, and enthusiastic about their work. These homes will stand in recognition of the exceptional mentorship Middlesex faculty continue to provide for our community, and Middlesex is deeply grateful to all those whose financial support made this construction possible.

The “Mary Mae Village” is located across the street from Middlesex’s main entrance in the apple orchard.  The construction of these five new homes will begin with a Groundbreaking ceremony on September 22. For more information on the Mary Mae project or other development projects, please contact George Noble ( or Heather Parker (

Middlesex Mary Mae Village
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