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For freshmen and new sophomores, fall at Middlesex is a busy period packed with excitement, wonder and acclimation. Even while adjusting to Middlesex, our new students achieve significant accomplishments in the classroom, athletic fields, and art studios. On Tuesday evenings, however, everything slows down for Choices.

“Choices” is a five-week program where groups of ten new students meet in faculty living rooms to share stories, laughter, stresses, and some cider and homemade brownies. These intimate gatherings are led by two faculty members and a senior member of Peer Support, and together the group discusses common challenges that teenagers face outside the classroom. 

Through a casual setting where faculty and students feel comfortable sharing personal lessons and philosophies, “Choices” always yields a fun and meaningful atmosphere that promotes good decisions and healthy living. Always considered one of the most memorable activities of a student’s first year, “Choices” is the ultimate reflection of the small, tightly knit community that Middlesex so values. Sometimes comfy couches, tasty food, and intimate discussion are all that’s needed for students to truly know each other, the faculty, and themselves.

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