Visiting Artist Talk

Middlesex School

Students gathered in the Wood gallery to listen to Ria Brodell and Georgie Friedman speak about their exhibition, Beyond Horizons.

Brodell’s exquisite drawings The Distant Lands are pictorial records of animals in their natural habitat.  Whimsical at first glace, upon further investigation they question the notion of ‘reality’ and comment on larger issues such as war, history, and politics.

Friedman’s videos “Seas and Skies” are composites of incongruous waters and skies. With these pairings, the realism and perspective begin to shift within the frame. The idea of the ‘horizon line’ is questioned and the scenes lose their context and become anonymous. By pushing the limits of the frame, and emphasizing the interior architectural elements, this installation creates an environment that becomes sculptural, visual and experiential.

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