Cor Unum: Eliminating Hunger

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Other than our own dining hall, the cafeteria most frequented by Middlesex students is in Lawrence, MA. It is where vanloads of Middlesex volunteers regularly help out at the Cor Unum Meal Center, a foundation that serves over 500 meals to the hungry each day of the year.

Cor Unum is an elaborate charitable operation that relies heavily on volunteers to help them with all aspects of meal preparation and service. For the past five years, our students have served guests, bussed tables, washed dishes, and cleaned floors. They have also laughed with guests, made new friends, shared great stories, and expanded their worldviews. It’s this symbiotic relationship that makes the experience so exciting and rewarding for everyone involved.

This fall David Rengpraphun ’13, Arvind Balasandaram ’13, and Niki Arar ‘13, with the help of faculty advisor Amy Gleason, have helped the school ramp up their commitment to Cor Unum. They helped organize a school wide candy sale as part of “Feeding Frenzy,” a statewide initiative where local teenagers raised money for Cor Unum. The Middlesex “Feeding Frenzy” was a great success, and as a result the school was able to donate 436 meals to Cor Unum!

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