Independent Study at Middlesex

The Middlesex curriculum doesn't end on the last page of the course catalog. Seniors have the opportunity to engage in Independent Study Projects, where they explore their intellectual passions -whether traditional or quirky - with a faculty expert. Check out a list or recent ISPs, and read more about the ISP program.

Fall 2011
The Literature of F.Scott Fitzgerald
Applied Math Financial Analysis
Honors 19th Century French Literature
Allegorical Fiction
Linear Algebra

Spring 2012
Egyptian Inscriptions
Literature of Comedic Writing                                     
Science of Hair and Society
Musical Composition
Italian Language
Anatomy and Physiology                                  
Ulysses & The Odyssey
Psych: Emotional Intelligence                
20th Century American War Novels                    
Business Management

Fall 2012
Honors Modern Spanish Literature
Literature of the Jazz Age
Comedy in Literature
Applied Math Financial Analysis
The Odyssey and its Retellings

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