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Middlesex students are eager to try new pursuits: an aspiring writer penning a debut column for the school newspaper, a novice stargazer enrolling in astronomy, a budding artist joining the graffiti club. Perhaps no student is more familiar with these journeys into unexplored territory than Khanh ’15. After all, in addition to undertaking a bevy of new activities, she is also taking on an entirely new country.

When Khanh arrived on campus for freshman orientation, it wasn’t just her first time at Middlesex – it was her first time in America. Hailing from Da Nang, a coastal city in central Vietnam, Khanh was initially awestruck by her new surroundings. For months she had poured over pictures of Middlesex in brochures, and these images, so different from her homeland, so far from her in both time and space, had now vividly come to life. Khanh immediately recognized the plethora of new experiences available to her, and she wasted no time taking advantage of them.

As if becoming acclimated to a new school in a new country wasn’t taxing enough, Khanh impressively adopted several new ventures. She played field hockey for the first time in the fall, and though she faced some initial obstacles, (like, for instance, learning the rules), she grew to enjoy the sport – especially the camaraderie and unified spirit of her team. When not on the field or in the classroom, Khanh likes to spend time in the music studio. An experienced piano player, she began taking advanced private lessons. But, like always with Khanh, this alone didn’t satiate her desire for stimulating experiences. Having always wanted to explore singing voice, she also signed up for private vocal lessons. And don’t forget Chapel Chorus – she became a member of that, too.  

Khanh certainly has a full plate, but she’s far from done. Already fluent in Vietnamese and English, Khanh is now in the process of adding Spanish to her repertoire, and she has plans for even more languages on her quest to become bona fide polyglot. And while music keeps her engrossed in the arts, Khanh is excited to become involved in theater and participate in future productions.

While she is thrilled to experience all these new pursuits, Khanh’s classmates and teachers are equally exhilarated to experience her. Because Khanh, the quintessential seizer of opportunities, is herself an opportunity: a chance to hear a new perspective, a chance to see adaptability personified, and a chance to feel the excitement of new beginnings.

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