The origins of “Linsanity,” the pun of choice to describe the remarkable ascent of Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin to the apogee of the NBA (and pop-culture), can be partially traced to the Middlesex campus. To Bill Holden, more specifically, the head coach of our Boys Varsity Basketball team.

Lin famously almost never got a shot at playing Division I college basketball, as every coach and recruiter continuously passed on the high school senior. Everyone, that is, except Coach Holden, who was a coach and recruiter for Harvard basketball at the time. Coach Holden detected abilities imperceptible to so many other coaches, and he gave Lin an opportunity that nobody else would: to play Division I basketball. The rest is history.

Understandably, the media has swarmed upon the man who discovered Lin. To hear more about Coach Holden’s role in Linsanity, check out this featured piece he wrote for

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