End of the Year Arts

As the school year winds down, the Middlesex campus transforms into a Mecca for art enthusiasts. On the evening of Friday, May 25th, the Chapel was filled with students, faculty, families, flutists, violinists, pianists, and vocalists for the annual Thoreau Medal Recitals. After imbibing on ninety minutes of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, senses shifted from ears to eyes, as a short walk across the Circle led to the grand opening of the AP Studio Art Exhibit in the Wood Gallery.

Two days later, stage enthusiasts had their turn: around the corner and down a flight of stairs from the art gallery is the Green Room, where students from “Theater 90: Advanced Projects” put on their first of two performances. Art kept on coming the following night; now was time for the Thoreau Visual Arts Exhibit and sophomore Green Room performances.

The festivities of graduation weekend didn’t slow the outpouring of creativity, either. Saturday evening we said goodbye to fifteen musicians in the Chapel during the Senior Music Recital. Later that evening, formalwear was exchanged for jeans, acoustic guitars for electric, as the year’s final “Freedom of Speech” concert rocked the Terry Room. And let’s not forget about the unveiling of our new permanent art display: a wall of 104 mahogany plaques, a tapestry of memories carved by our departing seniors.

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