Winter Bucket List

Middlesex Winter Bucket List

I, like many, dread the long, dark, cold winters of New England. I tend to forget all the magical moments and adventures that can only be experienced in the snow and winter months. So just in case you too forget the greatness of winter in endless February, here are a few necessary activities to accomplish.

1) Go around to all of the faculty houses during ‘Open Faculty House Night.’ To kick off the true start of winter, as soon as we get back from November break, there is a night each year where the faculty members open up their homes and host holiday movie watching or game playing and offer warm treats to all the students on campus. It is a truly entertaining activity and privilege that unites the students with one another and with the faculty.

2) String up holiday lights in your room. Not only will it get you in a cheery, holiday mood, but holiday lights can illuminate your room in such a way that make you almost forget how dark it gets so early in the day. Also, even though we may not still hold “Dorm Lights,” you can still decorate your own room and compete with friends for having the most festive room!

3) Go Ice Skating. Whether it’s on an Open Skate Night in the rink, or roughing it out on Bateman’s pond, skating is the quintessential winter activity and is practically required.

4) Have an impromptu snowball fight. Some of my funniest memories of winter derive from spontaneous snowball fights on the circle. Simply going outside with some friends and goofing off can be one of the best study breaks possible.

5) Watch a hockey game. Hockey games almost always draw a good crowd, so if you’re looking for some excitement, just go over to the rink and watch a fast-paced and loud game.

6) Enjoy February Surprise! The annual February Surprise and free day is always something that MX Students look forward to, so be sure not to waste it- go on a hike through the snowy woods, make snowmen, and forget about school for a day!

7) When Snow Days are expected, do a Snow Dance. Snow Days are rare occasions at boarding school, so as a community we can’t take any chances. If a big storm is rumored to hit the next day, everybody better be doing any snow dance or trick they know in order to increase the chances that we’ll get an unexpected, yet welcome, day off!

— Alana '12


Middlesex Winter Bucket List
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