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New Courses at MX

In our vibrant academic environment, we make a point to ensure that our course catalog is as dynamic as our students. Check out some of the exciting new courses offered for the first time this semester!

Business Management: Using case studies from some of the world’s most renowned companies—Starbucks, Nike, NetFlix, Coca-Cola, and Walt Disney, to name a few—students will examine the business principles and practices that define these corporations.  In each case study, students will identify the relevant facts of the case, determine the problems that need to be solved, and present a recommended solution based off their detailed evaluation.  Throughout the semester, students will be introduced to a variety of business principles, including assets, liabilities, equity, capital, inventory, revenues and expenses, gross margin, and net income. The course will conclude with the WorldCom case, where students will discuss the ever-relevant concept of business ethics and corporate responsibility.

The Literature of Adventure: Literature is teeming with youthful narrators who seek to break away from the monotonous pattern of their lives. This course will concentrate on these first person tales of adventure, as students will read texts that span every era and every corner of the globe:  A Harvard student in 1830’s risking a perilous sail around Cape Horn; a 9th century court lady setting out from the palace in search of a rare, poetic bird; a prep school teacher on a failed 1914 Antarctic expedition; a farm boy handling ordinance on the USS Hornet at the Battle of Midway. While these writers span different eras and spaces, they share a common goal: to turn the mundane into the extraordinary. 

Life, the Universe, and Everything: Astronomical Tools for Answering Really Big Questions: What are the necessary requirements for life beyond earth? This science course will explore this question and more while examining the size, scope, and formation of the universe. Students will study astronomical instruments  (telescopes and satellites) as well as astronomical information (electromagnetic waves) through first hand experience with state-of-the-art technology.

Reimagining Hamlet: 20th Century British and American Drama: This course will explore some of the finest British and American playwrights, including Beckett, O’Neill, Williams, Albee, Stoppard, and Churchill. In addition to reading the plays, students will watch film versions and discuss the differences between stage and film. Students will also write their own monologues and one-acts, and travel to Boston to attend at least one play as a class.

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New Courses at MX
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