St. George's Pep Rally

At first glance, you would wonder if Hogwarts had come to life: An entire school, dressed in all black, filled the dining hall as they feasted merrily upon four long rows of tables that stretched from one end of the room to the other. Alas, there was no magic involved, but the air was charged with spirited excitment as the school gathered for a Pep Rally Dinner the night before our athletic contests against Middlesex’s longtime rivals, the St. George’s Dragons.

Each team sat together and were served dinner by their senior captains, who shuffled about a dining hall that resounded with conversation, laughter and music. Our ever-popular step group, Divine Visions, joined in the festivities with a killer performance that left the school buzzing. The night climaxed when a dragon ice sculpture, which had been anxiously watching over the festivities, faced a public trial for a lengthy list of indictments. The ice dragon was found guilty on all accounts, and met swift (and good spirited) justice in the form of an ice pick.

The momentum of school spirit carried over to the next day, where the Middlesex Zebras performed impressively against St. George’s. Check out pictures of the Pep Rally Dinner below!

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