Ceramics Exhibition

Middlesex School

Cornelius Ayer Wood Gallery presents RECENT WORKS BY KRISTIE LONCICH.  Now through February 2013.

"My work is greatly inspired by the natural world around me, with a playful twist and a figural element.  In addition to working as an artist, I am also a physicist, finishing my PhD.  I try to infuse my ceramic work with my love of science and nature.  I have been flying small planes since I was a teen with wing tips over the coast of Cape Cod and other wonderful places for many years.  Much of my work has been inspired by the unique vantage point of looking out the window of a Cessna and I find that each flight brings new inspiration. I believe that the best pots are complete ones - those that you can enjoy with your eyes, your hands, your imagination, and in the case of a great serving platter heaped with the perfect dish - your belly.  I believe that a great pot should make people happy, and I hope that my work brings big smiles all around."
̶  Kristie Loncich

Kristie Teczar Loncich leads the Ceramics Club at Middlesex School.  This is her fourth year working with the energetic and creative students at Middlesex.  Kristie was born on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1982 and first learned to work with clay as a senior at Barnstable High School.  She went on to minor in Studio Art with a focus on ceramics at the College of William and Mary in Virginia.  Her dedication to ceramic art solidified while working at Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in Maine in 2003.  She is currently the Ceramic Artist in Residence at Boston College, where she is also a PhD Candidate in Physics.  For six years Kristie worked as a graduate assistant managing visual art at Boston College’s annual Art Festival.  In addition to working with the students at Boston College and Middlesex, Kristie has also taught students at the Fuller Craft Museum.  She has exhibited her work at various galleries including the Peninsula Fine Arts Center, Cape Cod Art Association, Boston College, and Tufts University Art Gallery.

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