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The opening day tradition at Middlesex involves "Ask Me" students who proudly wear "Ask Me" T-shirts greeting new students and their families.

We asked MX students, new and returning, what questions they wished they had asked as new students at Middlesex.  Here are some of their questions, and answers.


Question: Do people carry backpacks?

Answer (from Admissions): yes, people carry backpacks.  Be sure that yours is unique and easy to identify, because outside lunch or the Chapel there are about 300 backpacks sitting around and you don't want someone to accidentally pick up yours!


Question: Do we have to be in dress code at orientation?

Answer (from Admissions):  what to wear for orientation... comfortable clothing.  doesn't have to be in dress code.


Question: How many windows are in upstairs Eliot?

Answer: 13


Question: What time does breakfast open?

Answer: 7:20


Question: Where can I get candy?

Answer: In most of the offices in Eliot

Question: What is "classroom dress"?

Answer: "Classroom dress" means in dress code --- no blue jeans, collared shirts for boys, no printed tees/short skirts/tank tops for girls.  We say "classroom dress" instead of "formal dress," which means coats/ties for boys and dresses/skirts for girls.


Question: Where can I find the best piano on campus (and the worst)?

Answer: Without a doubt, the Steinway B in the Chapel. The Boston in the back room of the Chapel is also good. Avoid the stu-fac piano!


Question:  Do day students have a place to keep their books and belongings during the day?

Answer: Yes!  You will get a Day Student Locker (with a lock) in Stufac that you can go back to throughout the day.


Question: What varieties of calzones can I order from Junior's Pizza?

Answer: Junior's Pizza is a great late-night delivery place- just dial the number, and say 'Rancho'...they'll take care of the rest.


Question: Where is the bathroom in Eliot?

Answer: Enter through the main door. Go right. Descend the stairs and immediately hang a left.


Question:  What is the "DSP"?

Answer: The Day Student Parking Lot.


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