Ann Marie Sitzmann

Ann Marie Sitzmann

We are sorry to share the news that Middlesex’s friend and retired colleague, Ann Marie Sitzmann, passed away on September 21st after a long struggle with illness.

Ann Marie worked at Middlesex from 1987 to 2008, first in the reception office and then as an assistant in the dean’s office. She subsequently served as the School’s registrar for five years before becoming the assistant dean of students and, finally, the director of community service and an admissions associate. Ann Marie was a friend and mentor to many faculty and staff members, and was a particular godmother to her “Sweet Peas” during her years as head of Peabody House.  Her warmth, kindness, and commitment to her girls and to all Middlesex students – as well as her colleagues – were legendary.  She was a woman of integrity and grace. 

Ann Marie leaves her husband Tom; her son Tom and his wife Julie; and two grandchildren, JT and Annie.

The funeral Mass for Ann Marie was  held this Saturday, September 24, at Sacred Heart Church, 326 Main Street, Yarmouth, ME, at 1:00pm.

There will be a memorial service on campus Nov. 5, 2011, in the Chapel at 1pm, followed by a reception in the Terry Room.

If you'd like to contribute any memories, stories or messages, please fill out our contribution form.  We will be posting these messages here. 

Ann Marie Sitzmann
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