Just before 7 pm on Tuesday evenings, you’ll see clusters of freshmen and new sophomores migrating across The Circle to various faculty living rooms across campus. Once inside, small groups of students meet with faculty and two upperclass members of Peer Support to discuss everything and anything that is not covered in the classroom.

This annual program is “Choices,” and it offers new students a relaxed atmosphere to discuss such topics as healthy living, coping with stress, friendship, and relationships. Oh, and there are delicious snacks. Can’t forget that.

Middlesex students past and present carry fond memories about their Choices group. Read a few below!

Miranda '13
I loved Choices.  It really helped me connect with people in my grade.  I'm still close friends with some of the people in my group and we reminisce about Choices all the time! 
Jordan '14

At a time in freshmen year when no one really knew who I was, I subjected these select kids and faculty who I did not know at all to everything that came to my mind. I really didn't care about how the others judged me for what I said, and the awesome thing is that they didn't judge me at all. In fact, I gained their respect as the kid that said everything on his mind and didn't care what anybody thought.

Drew '14

I remember a lot of laughter, giggles, and smiles, but the room could change tones to an opposite feeling [such as laughter to serious-talk] in a span of seconds.  It was a experience that had its fun and kids laughed for the majority off it, but it had a serious side in its own.

Brian '13
Tuesday nights at Kwadwo's were the perfect way to ease any discomfort...
Brian '13

Every fortnight or so I reminisce about choices with, especially two of, my choices groupees. Not all of the relationships that germinated in Choices flourished but three of them blossomed. Two of my closest friends and one of my favorite faculty members, Kwadwo, were with me in Choices. Choices was about comfort. By the time October rolled around I, as a freshman, was starting to understand the lay of the land and with that came concern and confusion. Tuesday nights at Kwadwo's were the perfect way to ease any discomfort, air grievances, and just make sure my classmates were going through the same thing I was.

Sarah Kate '13

Choices. What a ride. I can only recall three things: the look on everyone's face preceding the proclamation of yet another plate of cookies, the look on everyone's face when the faculty members knew things that, for all intents and purposes, faculty members should not know, and how over the course of six weeks, somehow, these opposing expressions became completely identical.

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