This Weekend's Events


On Saturday, November 12th Middlesex will be hosting St. George’s for what will undoubtedly be an exciting end to the regular fall season.  For all information regarding parking and game times, please see below.  In the event of inclement weather, please visit our website for the most up to date changes:

Girls Varsity Field Hockey: 2:00pm

Girls JV Field Hockey: 2:00pm

Boys’ Varsity Soccer: 2:00pm

Boys’ JV Soccer 2:00pm

Girls Varsity Soccer: 2:00pm

Girls’ JV Soccer: 2:00pm

Varsity Football 2:00pm

Parking: Parking spaces will be available on the lawn in front of Higgison dormitory as well as the day student parking lot. Please do not park in driveways that are marked “residential.”

A tent will be set up behind the chapel for fans to enjoy refreshments and snacks during the competitions.

Theatre Arts

This fall Middlesex's theatre department is performing Moliere's 16th century satire, Tartuffe as a modern day reality television show.  Moliere's comedy focuses on a bourgeois family whose status conscious fronting is undone by hypocrisy.  This plot line seemed to us like it could so easily show on up on the information bar for any number of shows on the Bravo channel or the E Network.  November's performances will be a multi-media affair, with big screen close-ups and confidential asides.

The performance is free to the public, but patron seats can be reserved by emailing Ryan Dubray (  The tickets are $25 each and all proceeds go to support the London Theatre trip.

MPA Meeting

Join us this Saturday,  November 12, 9:30AM - 11:00AM in the Barron Room for the Middlesex Parent's Association meeting.

If you cannot attend, you may join the meeting virtually by registering:

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