Acts of kindness, both big and small, occur daily at Middlesex. By their very nature, such demonstrations of kindness often go unheralded. Last week in our Community Life meetings, students and faculty gathered to discuss kindness and place a spotlight on this quiet topic that so defines Middlesex culture.

When asked for specific examples of kindness, the community response was prolific. Sample a few of these stories below, and click on “See More” to view a catalogue of heartwarming, funny, and touching stories from the community!

Niki ‘13

One Sunday last spring, Lexie came into my room and could tell that I'd been having a really awful day, even though she didn't know all the details. Later that day, she went into town and bought me and some other girls who had been going through rough times bags of our favorite type of candy. My day was made.

Jeff Smith, Faculty

MX Junior, Harry, is one of the kindest people I have ever met.  Isn't the job of an advisor to cheer up his advisees sometimes?  What happens when the advisee cheers up the advisor when he's having a bad day?  That was a nice turn of events and I really appreciate this quality in him.

Lucy ‘13

Earlier this year, a boy in my grade asked me to help him with his English homework during study hours. I was busy, but I agreed to help him under one condition: that he commit to giving me a big smile every time I see him at school. Now every time I go to my B-block class, I know that I will see his big, beautiful, toothy smile, and it brightens my day. That little bit of kindness and joy has made my day countless times.

Olivia ‘12

Today I was home sick from school, and it was awful.  I had nothing to entertain myself except hours of Family Guy, and I ended up so bored that I watched Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure and I will tell you this for free- it is awful. I opened First Class to find an email from my dear friend, Tina.  It was a poem she wrote me to the tune of the chorus of "Can't Be Tamed" by the late great Miley Cyrus.  It goes thusly:

You are sick

That is sad

I miss you

That is bad

Feel better

And I'll be glad

As you can imagine my day significantly improved.

Chris Coffin, Faculty

Several years ago I had some surgery that required an overnight stay on the hospital but nothing major.  The late Anne Marie Sitzmann took it upon herself to deliver a home cooked meal to me and my family when I returned home the next day.   Very thoughtful and completely unexpected by me.  She made my day.


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