Academic Achievements

While the academic experience at Middlesex can’t be quantified, standardized testing can. And as you’ll see below, intangible education translates nicely to tangible numbers.
Number of AP exams taken by Middlesex students last spring.
Percentage of Middlesex students who scored a 3 or higher on their AP exams.
Students named as a National AP Scholar, awarded to students who scored a 4 or higher on 8 different AP exams.
Percentage of students in the last four years who scored a perfect 5 on either the AP Computer Science A or AP Computer Science AB exams.


Average SAT scores in Math, Verbal, and Writing, respectively.
Percentage of Middlesex students taking AP Physics B and AP Physics C to score a perfect 5.
Percentage of Middlesex juniors who take AP English Language and Composition.
Percentage of juniors who scored a perfect 5 on the AP English Language and Composition exam.
75, 86
Percentage of students to score a 4 or higher on AB and BC Calculus, respectively.
Percentage of Classics students who received an award for their performance in the 2011 National Latin Exams.
Number of students who received the Gold Summa Cum Laude Award in the 2011 National Latin Exam.
Percentage of students to receive a 4 or higher on last year’s AP French exam.
4 & 5
The two most frequent scores received by Middlesex AP Chinese students.
Years of experience most students have in Chinese before taking the language as freshmen at Middlesex.




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