School's out for Summer!

Matt Degreeff: I am hoping to master the melody and bass line to Charlie Parker's jazz tune "Ornithology" on my electric bass.

Jordan '13: Sunbathing and eating the most delicious food in the world in Florence, Italy; then off to Brown summer programs, Nantucket, and a finishing whirl back home to England and Scotland to renew some visas.

Jay '13: This summer I'll be doing some drivers ed, hitting the Cape and Vermont, doing lots of hiking and biking and dreaming.

Elizabeth '13: I'm biking through France, from Paris to Nice to the Alps. Then interning in a law office.

Jennie '13: A week after school ends, I am flying to Chiapas, Mexico, for community service.  I am living in the Mayan villages and working with  other students on a project where we will be building smokestacks ourselves in the kitchens of their housings.

Chase '13: Golfin, fishin, surfin and chillin.  That's my summer in a nutshell.

Henry '13: Going to Spain with the Putney program and playing summer lacrosse.

Emma '12: I am going to Russia this summer with my family, and my Greek class is trying to organize a trip to Greece as well! Then I am staying on Nantucket and working in a bakery for the rest of the summer.

Jason '11: My dad and I are cycling in the Mt. Washington Auto Road race. It's agreed to be the hardest single-day race in the United States. It's 7.8 miles long and averages 14% grade with a max of 22%.

Tina '12: I am competing in the National Baton Twirling Championships at Notre Dame in Indiana.

Sasha '12: I'm working as a swim coach/teacher and lifeguard at Heritage Pool and Racquet Club (the best place to be in Concord, MA).  I'm also going to see a Taylor Swift concert, visit colleges, go to crew camp, and try to catch up on the mountain of books that has piled up in my room since March break! :)

Sara '11:  I am working as a counselor at Pleasant Valley Camp, a camp in NH that I have been going to since I was 10.

Pierson Wetzel: I am on faculty at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School as trumpet instructor and brass coach for the summer festival youth orchestra.

Ashok Pillai: I am wrapping up my MST (Masters in Science for Teachers) in Math up at UNH. I will be taking courses in Analysis and a Problem Solving Seminar.

Thad '13: A 31-day canoe trip through Manitoba, Canada, covering roughly 350 miles of river and ending in Churchill, Manitoba.

Hannah '13: Road Trip from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to Houston, TX [my new home!]. Then chilling, SLEEPING, starting a garden, and reading all the books  that I want to but don't have the time to read during the school year.

Mark Kross: 5 days in Sonoma, 1 week accompanying singers at jazz camp in Woodstock, VT. 5 weeks musical directing "Chicago" at Stoneham Theatre, 1 week eating and playing in Provence. All time inbetween chilling at our pond in the Berkshires.

Liz '11: Exploring Europe with my best friend.

James '13: Running 500+ miles in preparation for the x-country season.

Cal Hitzrot: I will be taking my family to the island of Monhegan for a week this summer. It's off the coast of Maine -- my understanding is that it's part-artist colony, part-tourist destination, and 100% Maine seacoast, with lots of hiking trails. I'm also toying with the idea of taking some guitar lessons -- I've had a guitar for almost 15 years, and all it's done is collect dust.

Liz '13: I'm traveling to Cape Town, South Africa, with about 12 other students, Mrs. Gleason, and Mrs. Coffin, to participate in a mixture of mission work and sightseeing. It should be an amazing experience.

Annie Ku: I plan to do gardening most of this summer.  I haven't done it for 5 years. Also, from June 25 to July 9 I will be in Shanghai for an AP Chinese Summer Institute.

Nancy '11: Lifeguarding at the local country club and waitressing.

Derin '13: Going on the Spain trip.  Being a windsurfing instructor and visiting my cousins in Turkey.

Noah '11: I am working up at an overnight boys' camp (called Camp Tohkomeupog) in NH for 8 weeks. I will be working with 11 and 12 year olds and leading them on hiking, canoeing, and mountain biking trips around the White Mountains of NH.

Scott Palmer: Getting married.

Sarah Telford:  Singing with the Boston Symphony out at Tanglewood as a member of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus.

Chelsea '11: Working in a research lab doing medical research.

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