The End of the Year

May 9th 2011.  Exactly three weeks until graduation, until the seniors make their final walk across the circle as Middlesex students, until friends and family gather to celebrate.  For some, they have only spent a year or two at this school while others have spent four or five years calling Middlesex their second home.  As winter came to an end and the snow finally melted, the morale rose as the senior class realized there would no longer be the possibility of skiing across the circle to receive their diploma.  AP week is almost over, seniors hurry to finish their plaque, and freshmen look back on the year and all of the friends they have made.  Students are all busy trying to end the year in the best way possible before summer begins.  Despite the midst of frantic end-of-the-year tests, papers, and AP’s, Middlesex students still find time to relax on the circle and enjoy their last few moments as seniors or for the rising underclassmen, look forward to the years ahead.  The circle is a breath of fresh air that pulls the students out of their dorms to enjoy some time in the sun, relax with friends, and reflect on the year.  Although at some moments it seems as if it’s an endless trek to graduation, looking back I truly cannot believe that the Class of 2011’s journey ends in a few weeks.  Once we receive our diplomas we have the privilege of leaving our mark on the school with our plaques that will hang among over a hundred years of Middlesex graduates.  This month is full of a lot of “lasts” for the seniors: last dance, spring carnival, FOS, classes, walk across the circle, pond jumps, and many more.  However, all of these final moments end with a new beginning as the Class of 2011 departs on their next adventure out of the Middlesex “bubble” into college.

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