C. Kevin Landry '62

Middlesex School

In a very intimate setting amongst fellow classmates gathered to celebrate their 50th Reunion, Kevin Landry was honored with the Henry Cabot Lodge '20 Distinguish Alumni Award, thereby joining an elite group of previously recognized alumni.  Friend and schoolmate Scott Conant '63 had the honor of presenting Kevin with this award.  His kind and well-deserved words follow:

"While at Middlesex, Kevin Landry distinguished himself in many ways. He was elected football captain, was a hockey letterman, a member of the Student Council, a reporter for the Anvil, and a basso profundo in the Glee Club. The Class of 1962 yearbook describes Kevin as “one of those rare individuals whose performance in any field is always well above average, and sometimes spectacular.” How prophetic those words proved to be!

Kevin graduated from Harvard in 1966 and later earned an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. Upon receiving his M.B.A., Kevin joined the venture capital firm T.A. Associates. Four years later, he became general partner and in 1983, was named managing partner and CEO of the firm. Under his tutelage, the firm invested in countless highly successful companies, displaying what the Boston Globe  described in 1990 as “the Midas touch, breathing money and life into most of the great Massachusetts start-ups of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.”

In addition to great success in the world of finance, Kevin has also been a pillar in the community, nowhere more so than right here at Middlesex School. Kevin joined the Middlesex Board of Trustees in 1975 and apart from a brief hiatus, he served the School in that capacity until 2009. For 21 of those years, Kevin was the Treasurer of the Board, a role he performed with great distinction.

Kevin’s philanthropic support of causes and institutions that are dear to he and Barrie is legendary. Just here at Middlesex, they have supported the Landry Center, which provided cold hockey fans with a welcomed warm respite between periods as well as two international squash courts and a lovely viewing gallery. In addition, Kevin was the driving force behind the School’s addition of tennis courts and turf fields in the East Fields, a beautiful complex that has helped maintain Middlesex’s dominant position in lacrosse and field hockey as well as dramatically improve our fortunes in tennis, where the boys’ and girls’ programs have a combined 14-3 record so far this year. Kevin has also generously supported retirement benefits for departing faculty, high definition televisions for use by his good friend Malcolm Russell in the art history department, and countless other initiatives throughout the School over the past 45 years. Most recently, Kevin and his family have set up the Landry Family Challenge to encourage Middlesex parent past and present to support the School’s upcoming capital campaign.

Kevin and his family have also been major benefactors to Harvard University, Westover School, the Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts General Hospital, UNICEF, and Maranyundo Initiative. Their philanthropy has had a profound impact on all of these institutions and the lives of the many people associated with them.

For his accomplishments in the world of finance, as well as the deep and lasting impact that he has had on several institutions, especially Middlesex School, the Middlesex Alumni Association is proud to name C. Kevin Landry from the Class of 1962 the 2012 recipient of the Henry Cabot Lodge Distinguished Alumni Award."  - Scott Conant '63


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