Joseph Son '09 Goes Green

This summer I worked for Earth Star, a green energy company located in Washington, D.C. Users sign up for free on Earth Star’s website (see below) and can track their energy usage for power, water, and gas.  They can also earn local and national rewards based on the amount they have saved compared to past years. The company is able to do so by taking a user’s login credentials and accessing their accounts for them, and then consolidating the utility data on the website. Thus, a large responsibility that I had was to make sure that our website was asking users for the right login credentials for each utility website. As there are around 5,000 utilities in the Earth Star database, this was a significant and ongoing task.

While working on the login credentials, I also had other duties as an intern. Because Earth Star is web-based, it is bound to occasionally run into computer-related problems. As such, to better service its customers, the company added a ticketing system where people could submit an online ticket if they ran into any problems. I helped to address many of these tickets.

One of the more rewarding parts of my internship was going to meetings and conferences, where my superiors presented on the benefits and advantages of a company like Earth Star. One such meeting was held at HUD or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It was interesting to see how the process of these collaborative programs starts. Furthermore, these presentations helped me envision how my work could potentially help millions of Americans around the country save energy through these programs.

I feel as if I have gained a lot from this experience. I have gained a firsthand view as to how these small energy efficiency companies operate. Also, working with such a small team allowed me to really provide input as to how things could be done differently or more efficiently. Moreover, the general feeling that I was doing something to help the environment was satisfying.

I really appreciate that the Middlesex Alumni Association has helped me by providing this internship stipend.  I think it is a great program that has allowed me to live and work in D.C. and gain a truly invaluable experience that I may not have otherwise had the chance to do.

 Joseph is attending Georgetown University and has recently provided an update to this article: “The company has actually changed their name and website to, which they feel more accurately represents their services. Once again, I really appreciate the continued support from the Alumni Association.  I think this is a great program to help recent grads pursue unique opportunities.”

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