Alumni Profiles: Internet Innovators

Instagram Co-founder Kevin Systrom ’02

 As students, they valued Middlesex’s closeness and camaraderie – the encouragement of faculty mentors and the friendships formed with peers on teams and in classrooms and dorms. Perhaps it should not be surprising, then, that the six alumni profiled here are thriving in careers that involve building new kinds of networks and communities – but using the broader realm of the Internet.Focused on connecting people with each other and the world, whether for personal or commercial purposes, they have found unique and creative ways to use technology to build relationships among friends and neighbors, merchants and clients.

Instagram Co-founder Kevin Systrom ’02 Co-founder Sarah Leary ’88

Hard Candy Shell CEO Kevin Kearney ’94

Instinctive CEO Jake Dwyer ’99 CEO Walt Doyle ’86

Roost Founder Alex Chang ’86

Instagram Co-founder Kevin Systrom ’02
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