Middlesex Parents' Association (MPA)

MPA Newsletter, September 2014

Welcome to the Middlesex Parents’ Association (MPA).  We are an organization comprised of all parents of Middlesex students.  Our mission is to foster a strong, integrated community of faculty, staff, students, and parents through supporting communication and sponsoring activities that enrich the school community.

During the 2014-15 school year, the MPA has five Saturday morning meetings which present key information for current parents. Please refer to the meeting schedule at the end of this letter.  Parents are encouraged to attend in person or to join the live electronic broadcast of each meeting. Head of School Kathy Giles as well as select faculty and staff attend and participate in every meeting, and we also invite thought-provoking guest speakers to address topics relevant to you as a Middlesex parent.  

The MPA is a parent-run, all-volunteer organization.  Getting involved with the MPA is a great way to meet other parents and support the school, whether you live far away or nearby.  We request that you contribute annual MPA dues of $50.  Your contribution helps to underwrite many of the activities that we sponsor such as the Casino Night Breakfast, yearly class BBQs, and Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheons.

We encourage you to complete the electronic Parent Volunteer Form and let us know how you would like to be involved.

The MPA provides online access to each of our meetings so that all parents have the opportunity to attend our meetings, whether in person or virtually.  Instructions about how to join the live electronic broadcast of each meeting will be provided in the POND parent newsletter.  Notes from all of our meetings are also posted online.  

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or ideas to share.

Tricia Griggs (Walker '15)
mpa@mxschoool.edu, tricia.griggs@comcast.net

Jenny Seeman (Addy '17, Isabelle '18)
Vice President


All meetings are held in the Barron Room in Ware Hall

September 27, 10:30am-12pm (location:  Head of School's House)

November 22, 9:30am-11am

January 17, 9:30am-11am

April 18, 9:30am-11am

May 16, 9:30am-11am

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Who you are is what you say and what you do.
- Karlyn McNall, Dean of Academic Affairs, on integrity

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If there’s one word that sums up Middlesex athletics, it is tradition.

- AJ '13, hockey and lacrosse captain

In so many ways, Middlesex is the ultimate community—one in which your teachers, mentors, and friends are also your neighbors and the people you must rely on daily.
- Tyler '07

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Before I started to practice mindfulness, I never would have thought it takes courage to sit on the floor and be present with myself. - Ben '14

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I've spoken to many audiences...but there is nothing more intimidating than speaking in front of your English teacher.
- Kevin Systrom '02, to the Class of 2013 at Commencement

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Middlesex's small community means that no one is simply a spectator - you are constantly being asked to be involved.
- Sarah '88

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