Installment Three

For Your Consideration: Further Reading

Though optional, these links are a great way to broaden the conversation about technology and community. If you have any links to contribute or responses to these posts, you can submit your reactions to the reading using the RE:MX contribution link

1. More goodies from the New York Times.

Op-Ed: Internet access a human right?

 Infographic: What kind of communities are cell phones creating?

Follow up: Concerns about cellphone use


2. Article on a really interesting guy who develops some really interesting video games...from an In-Flight Magazine (along with a reaction from a gaming blog).

Playing God

Game Set Watch Blog


3. More from the world of TED, also on gaming:

Are Games Better Than Life?

Games to Re-engage Boys in Learning

This last one will provide a bit of a sneak peek at where the ASR is going next. 

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