ASR Installment 8: Prepare to Discuss

It is time to discuss the virtual topics of the ASR with real people in real time.  This installment sets up the All-School Read weekend activities of Friday and Saturday, September 23rd and 24th.  For a complete schedule, click here (also available, along with a full set of all ASR  questions, under "RECAP" at left).

How this Works

Please read this whole page and follow the links below to each of the 3 selections.  The selections are designed to be brief and informative/provocative, with the hope of fostering good community discussion around the topics surfaced during this year's ASR.

There are opportunities to respond to all selections through the contribution links.  Such responses are still optional, but the last response (to Selection 3 below)  is strongly encouraged.  Details for that particular question/response will be revealed on Wednesday, September 21st. 

Further Reading provides links to some great reviews of The Social Network along with other complementary materials.

Finally, thank you for your attention during this year's All-School Read.  Hopefully it will provide good direction and ideas for the future.

SELECTION #1 untangling the social network

Practical Information: We will be watching The Social Network together as a school on Friday, September 23rd at 7:00 in the theater.  An All-School Movie!  While you may have seen this film before, you have not seen it this way!  Please click on Selection 1 below to see a collection of quotations and questions drawn from the 3 reviews featured in further reading.

Read  Selection 1

SELECTION #2 welcome to virginia

Practical Information: Virginia Heffernan will be keynoting and facilitating our All-School Read discussions on Saturday, September 24th at 9:00 in the theater.  We asked her to ask us some questions in advance.  Please click on Selection 2 below to see her questions and, if inclined, to respond.

 Read  Selection 2

SELECTION #3 The ultimate character 140


In Chapel on Wednesday, September 21st, we heard a nice poem, followed by the question below.  Please answer (by clicking on the question and typing out a few characters).  Under no circumstances should you feel bound to use more than 140 characters or 540 seconds of your wild and precious time to answer.  Thank you, MX.  Love, ASR.

Question:  What can you contribute?

Respond  Selection 3

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