Blazing her own trail: Gabby Edzie '13

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Gabby’s decision on whether to attend Middlesex didn’t hinge on her formal campus visit. Sure, a guided tour of the campus was a nice way to familiarize herself with the community, but it couldn’t compare to the seven years of Middlesex memories and stories Gabby heard from her older brothers, Ekow ’06 and Kofi ’07. Having seen the growth and successes of Ekow and Kofi, Gabby knew where Middlesex could take a talented and dedicated student. Most importantly, though, Gabby knew Middlesex was a unique place that would simultaneously allow her to follow in her brothers’ footsteps while carving her own path.  

With two older brothers and now a younger brother, Kojo ’16, part of the community, one might imagine that Gabby would have difficulty forming a distinct Middlesex experience. But the school’s breadth of extra curricular opportunities, coupled with Gabby’s passion to try new activities, quickly led to an eclectic mix of interests that shaped Gabby’s Middlesex identity –one that’s all her own.

It began with Pottery Club her freshman year, a creative yet relaxing evening activity that Gabby has now been a part of for four years. Gabby’s enjoyment of art then expanded from visual to musical, as she became a member of SWAG, one of the school’s female a cappella groups. This wasn’t enough for Gabby, though –not even close. Gabby turned to “Freedom of Speech,” the school’s student run concert series, and soon she was both a performer on stage and an organizer off stage as one of the club’s chairs.  Then came the Middlesex summer trip to South Africa, because why not? It wasn’t something she had ever considered before, but here was an opportunity to tour Cape Town, hike through rural South Africa, and provide much-needed help to a local orphanage, and Gabby leapt at the chance.

Diving into Middlesex’s preexisting clubs was a natural instinct for Gabby, but why simply experience opportunity when you can also create it? Understanding the power and excitement of students coming together under a shared passion, Gabby founded the Indie Music Club. As a junior, Gabby also helped found and co-chair “Spring Fling,” a semi-formal event that raised money for charity. Nearly the entire school attended.

Gabby’s peers recognized her commitment to student life by electing her as the senior class president. Of course, Gabby just looks at this honor as yet another opportunity to give back to the school: more fun events, more charities, more opportunities to share the “Middlesex Spirit.” That’s also a club, by the way. Care to take a guess who’s a co-chair?

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