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Ashok Pillai via Life360
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“I’ve been around a lot of smart students before, but Michael…that dude will blow your mind"
Ashok Pillai, Computer Science

“I love how my students ask me difficult questions that force me to explore things I haven’t thought of before”
Ashok Pillai, Computer Science

Ashok Pillai

Students come to Middlesex from all over the world, but as Ashok proves, our faculty can be globetrotters too. Having lived in Sweden and Japan before coming to the States, Ashok is especially qualified in helping our international students adjust to a country where inches rule and Charlie Sheen has more Twitter followers than the White House. Ashok speaks English, Swedish, and German, but he connects best with students through two universal languages: math and Java.

Ashok has always had a passion and talent for numbers, as evidenced by his college thesis on Diophantine Analysis, a math concept that is as complex as it sounds. Now a calculus teacher and Head of the Computer Science Department, Ashok gets to share his enthusiasm for math and programming on a daily basis. And as Ashok happily admits, his education isn’t over. He loves working in small classes with highly capable students whose incisive questions and ideas force him to think about concepts in an entirely new way. Recently Ashok has teamed up with academic all-star Eric, aka “Klink,” in an ISP that uses algorithm and linear algebra to pull back the veil on Google’s complex search engine. Not only did they discover how the engine works –they programmed a mini version of Google themselves.

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