Leadership is being aware of what is happening around you and choosing behaviors that help your group to achieve its goals. A goal of Middlesex School is to be a community that lives by the values of honesty, kindness, gratitude and respect. A student demonstrates capable leadership when he or she:

  • Is aware of him or herself within the context of the group and can identify how his or her behavior impacts the group.
  • Is aware of other members of the group and can articulate how others’ individual behaviors impact the group.
  • Chooses behaviors for him or herself that help the group function effectively.
  • Helps other group members to be aware of their behaviors and how those behaviors impact the group
  • Harnesses the group’s energy and orients it towards a positive outcome.
  • Initiates activity that elevates others towards a worthy goal.

Middlesex seniors are expected to:

  • Serve as role models for the younger students and each other.
  • Serve as leaders at all Community meetings.
  • Actively contribute to the community –in both little (picking up on the circle, being on time for community events, singing with spirit in the chapel, being sure that all common spaces are clean, returning mugs to Ware Hall) to big (maintaining a studious atmosphere in the dorm during study hours, being respectful of all members of the community, reaching out to students who seem to be struggling, setting high standards for him/herself and others) ways.
  • Understand the spirit behind the School rules in order to be able to actively promote the importance of the rules in the Middlesex community.
  • Obey both the spirit and the letter of the School rules.