College Counseling

College Counseling

Navigating the college admissions process can seem complex for students and families. To facilitate a smooth passage, we pair each student with a highly experienced college counselor, a personal guide who will work closely with the student and family.  Through this partnership we are able to tailor the college process to the specific needs, abilities, and interests of each student.

The first stage of our work with students is marked by research and self-discovery as we identify the types of colleges they would like to explore. Such collaboration involves detailed discussions about students’ passions and priorities while they work through the labyrinth of college choices to determine the schools that would best help achieve short and long term goals. Once students identify preferred schools, we map out the appropriate steps for negotiating a successful journey through the college process.

Our counselors come from the world of college admissions, bringing an indispensable degree of insight as they lead our students through deadlines, interviews, standardized testing, athletic recruiting, portfolio assembly, and all other potential application requirements.  There are many steps to the college process, and our dedicated and experienced counselors know how to guide the way towards a rewarding destination.

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Who you are is what you say and what you do.
- Karlyn McNall, Dean of Academic Affairs, on integrity

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If there’s one word that sums up Middlesex athletics, it is tradition.

- AJ '13, hockey and lacrosse captain

In so many ways, Middlesex is the ultimate community—one in which your teachers, mentors, and friends are also your neighbors and the people you must rely on daily.
- Tyler '07

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Before I started to practice mindfulness, I never would have thought it takes courage to sit on the floor and be present with myself. - Ben '14

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I've spoken to many audiences...but there is nothing more intimidating than speaking in front of your English teacher.
- Kevin Systrom '02, to the Class of 2013 at Commencement

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Middlesex's small community means that no one is simply a spectator - you are constantly being asked to be involved.
- Sarah '88

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