Theatre Frame Takes Shape

The construction team has continued to make great progress on the Theater Renovations. Much of the fall consisted of bracing the existing structure and adding underpinning to existing foundations. Foundation walls took shape in October and new stair towers began to grow out of the ground in November.

Then, in December, winter officially arrived in the form of 18 inches of snow and weeks of below freezing temperatures. Thanks to a productive fall foundations were in place and the construction teams were able to complete elevator and stair cores in heated tents. Phase one of steel was delivered on time and erection has continued. Large steel beams now frame the new theater mezzanine and crews are preparing for a second phase of steel delivery. Through January and February crews will excavate a modified orchestra pit, install a new system of catwalks in the theater, and erect three more phases of structural steel.

Theatre early fall
Theatre foundation prep in the early Fall.
Theatre October
Complete foundations with framed foundation walls in October.
Theatre November
Pouring foundation walls in late October into early November.
Theatre January
Mezzanine steel in place and completed stair cores in early January 2018.