Music and Campus Center Nearing Final Form

Music and Campus Center Main Entrance

Progress continues on the Music and Campus Center as now the bulk of the exterior masonry is complete and windows are installed on the south, east, and north facades of the building.

Rear of Recital Hall

View Glass technology is being wired internally to make way for the View Glass window installation on the west façade of the building. The roof, meanwhile, has been shingled and the building is retaining heat for the workers which has allowed us to say goodbye to the tents that hid the beautiful craftsmanship of the masons. 

Inside the building, crews have begun to close walls. Gypsum Wall Board is installed on over 60% of the lower level.  We are also over 60% complete with the framing of the acoustical ceiling in the Recital Hall. 

Recital Hall Interior
Plaque Wall