March 20 Last Full Day in China!

This morning, the group woke up in our various guest houses, and each of us was cooked our very own made to order breakfast. Some of us dined by windows that looks right on the canals, and could watch the boats go by. We spent the morning exploring Wuzhen, joining in with all the other Chinese tourists who clearly love the place. Narrow streets, romantic bridges and picturesque water views abounded, as did shops and cafes! It was still a little rainy, but very beautiful. We finished our stay in Wuzhen with our last hearty lunch in China, then walked back to the bus parking lot. Imagine our surprise that we could walk out, even though we took a boat to get in!

It was a long bus ride back to Shanghai, but there was always something interesting to see out the window for those who didn’t nap. The agricultural fields often come right up to the houses, and there were many patches of rapeseed blooming a glorious yellow. Rapeseed is used to make cooking oil. Once we arrived in Shanghai, we freshened up for our farewell dinner, kindly sponsored by Middlesex families of Shanghai. We traveled one last time to Pudong and ate at a restaurant on the seventh floor of the International Convention Center. The families of Emily, ’18, Leo, ’19, Thomas, ’19 and Kevin, ’20, Phoebe, ’20, Hannah, ’20 and Lyn, ’19 joined us for this dinner with a view of the river and misty city skyline. The students also managed to call ahead and arrange for one last order of bubble tea! It was wonderful to connect with Middlesex families and a great way to end our trip.

I hope you all enjoyed your virtual tour of China! It truly was an experience that engaged all our senses, and helped us understand the country and our students who live here in a new way. There are many stories left to tell – make sure you ask us about them when we get home!