Travel Opportunities at Middlesex

Middlesex brings students from across the globe to learn and live together as a single community in Concord, Massachusetts, but we don’t stop there. As part of our commitment to a Global education, our students and faculty explore the world together during the School’s longer vacations and the summer months. 


Each of the language departments sponsors international trips through which students can stay with families, enjoy local culture, visit significant sites, and practice conversational proficiency. Those interested particularly in theatre visit London on our biannual trip across the Atlantic Ocean. Other students might choose to participate in a community service project abroad or travel with a sports team to play internationally.  Argentina, England, South Africa, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Spain, China, and France are a few countries frequented by Middlesex travelers in just the past two years.


Over this past spring break, Middlesex students and faculty crisscrossed the country and the world on various school trips: Our Chinese department visited Beijing and Shanghai; the tennis teams and boys’ lacrosse team trained in Florida, girls’ crew rowed in Peachtree City, Georgia, boys’ crew raced in Austin, Texas, and girls’ lacrosse trained in Portland, Maine. Check out some photos of their travels below!

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