Super Bowl Sunday Surprise!

On Sunday night an energetic crowd of Middlesex students packed into Stufac to watch the Super Bowl and snack on a mountain of football-themed treats. Spirits were already high as students enjoyed the epic, back-and-forth game, but the atmosphere reached a fever pitch when our students watched this special mid-game announcement:


The "free day" is this year's "February Surprise," a time-honored Middlesex tradition where students enjoy a special treat designed to warm spirits in the cold of winter. Students are free to pursue a broad range of activities. Some will rent a Blu-Ray in the library and watch it with friends (and pizza) in their dorm common room. Others will head over to the rink and go for a skate, or maybe play a pick-up basketball game in the gym. Some will head over to the arts studio and spend some relaxing time on the pottery wheel, and still others will go on a Chipotle run with their faculty advisor. Additionally, several buses will take students into Harvard Square in Cambridge for an afternoon of eating, shopping, and exploring. Today the campus is their playground, a well-deserved treat for a group of hardworking and passionate students!
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