Middlesex Celebrates Lunar New Year

The Middlesex Chinese curriculum focuses on much more than just grammar and memorization. As part of their course work, our students become immersed in all aspects of Chinese culture and history. They also become ambassadors of Chinese culture for the rest of the Middlesex community, and last week they helped lead a campus-wide celebration of Lunar New Year.

The festivities kicked off with a paper cutting, petite lantern, and Chinese bookmark making session (that included plenty of Chinese candy and music!). The celebration then continued at the dining hall, where the entire community was treated to a traditional Chinese feast. The dining hall was aglow with red Chinese lanterns as students and faculty traded forks for chopsticks and enjoyed dumplings, spring rolls, spare ribs, and tea. 

Thank you to Flik Dining and our Chinese teachers, Annie Ku and TianTian Wang, for organizing what has become one of the school's favorite annual traditions!


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