2016-17 Student Clubs

Chemistry Club

At an outdoor barbeque last week, several dozen student organizations gathered on The Circle for Middlesex's annual Club Fair. With hot dogs in one hand and pens for sign-up sheets in the other, students eagerly perused over 80 clubs ranging from chemistry to ukulele, robots to puppies, and pottery to ping-pong. Check out below for a full list of student clubs at Middlesex:

African Culture Appreciation Club (ACAC)

Asian Society

Astronomy Club

Bananagrams Club

Board Game Club

Bonsai Club

Chemistry Club

Chess Club

Circle of Women

Classical Music Club

Common Sense

Computer Science Club

Cooking Club

Driving Club

Divine Visions

Electronic Dance Music Club

Ethics Club

Fashion Club

Fantasy Sports Club

Finance Club

Fishing Club


Frisbee Club

Gay-Straight Alliance

Harry Potter Club

Hip-Hop Club

Horror Movie Club

Improv Club

Indian Club

Indie Music Club

International Human Rights Club

Intramural Basketball

Invest in Girls

Jazz Lunch

Jewish Club


Knee Hockey Club

Knitting Club

Lawn Games Club

League of Logic

Longboard Club

Math Club


Middlesex on the Issues

Mindfulness Club

MX Talks


Photography Club

Physics Club

PIDC (politically incorrect debate club)

Ping Pong Club

Pottery Club

Puppy Club

Robotics Club

Rocketry Club

Sailing Club

SAS (study of applied sciences)

Science Futures Club

Short Story Society

Songwriters Club

Spongebob Club

Taylor Swift Club

Tech Innovations Club

TED talks club

The Anvil

The Iris

Tree Appreciation Society

Ukulele Club

Vegetarian Club

Video Production Club

Volleyball Club

Wii Sports Club

Young Republicans Club

Chinese Club

Gender Equality Club

Random Acts on Kindness Club

Outdoors Club

Spanish Table

Table Tennis Club

SOL (Society of Latinos)

Sci-fi Movie Club



Chemistry Club
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