Haiku Contest 2016

The annual Middlesex Haiku Contest is our way to welcome (or encourage the arrival of) the spring season.  This year, we enjoyed unseasonably warm weather in early March only to experience a snowstorm on the first day of spring!  We look forward to the time when we can sprawl out on the Circle in the warm spring sunshine.  Below are some of our favorite Haiku Contest submissions, which were read in Chapel before students departed for Spring Break:  

February's long
Breakfast is my salvation
I miss the omelets
- Kojo Edzie ‘16
Do not cross the street
"But the light says walk mother"
The child crossed. He died
-Rochelle Greenidge ‘16
Girls love girls and boys
That tingling sensation
No I am not bi
This is NOT a Haiku,
I plainLY refuse to write one,
Find your own path, MY friends.
-Mr. Pandolfini
blue jays and juncos
flit from tree to tree, always
slightly out of reach
-Mr. Hitzrot
Le printemps arrive
Tout le monde s'impatiente
Partons en vacances!
-Madame Bolster
Curse of G Block class
Everything looks like a food
Lamps become donuts
-Ms. Morrison
The queen has risen
reigning over all of us
Beyonce amen
-Anna Ribeiro ‘19
Free speech they say, but
everything must be approved.
Protocols they say.
-Viraj Deokar ‘16
Why we have eyebrows
Two forehead caterpillars
seems ridiculous
-Will Christenfeld ‘16
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