New Students Connect with Mindfulness

All new students at Middlesex participate in an Introduction to Mindfulness course.  Mindfulness can be summed up as “inner education.” Mindfulness practice helps us in understanding and training our attention, learning to relate to thoughts, emotions, and feelings in a more skillful way, becoming aware of the habits of our own mind, learning how to better connect with others, and developing more awareness of our relationship with our environment.

Feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive; 98% of freshmen report that the program was a positive experience, and 96.5% agree or strongly agree that Mindfulness should continue to be a fundamental requirement in the curriculum of new students. of  Students report that the course helped them sleep better, concentrate on schoolwork, reduce stress, focus in sports, and improve relationships with themselves and others.  Comments from students include:

“I enjoyed the course, and it opened up a whole other way of thinking and acting for me.

“This was a very helpful class in making me aware of my surroundings and everyday feelings and emotions. Very much recommended!”

“The mindfulness program is essential, especially in a busy boarding school life.”

“I really enjoyed this course and think everyone, whether it be a student, teacher, parent, etc. should take it. I wish there were more of it, though!”

Each semester Mindfulness instructor Doug Worthen MX'96 also teaches a variety of Mindfulness 2 courses for students interested in continuing to develop their mindfulness practice, as well as courses for parents, faculty, and staff.  Read more about the mindfulness program on our Mindfulness page, and watch a video about mindfulness at Middlesex:

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