Daniel '18 to Compete in USA Junior Math Olympiad

Daniel Lee '18

Thanks to his exceptional performance on the American Invitational Mathematics Examination, Daniel Lee ’18, of Seoul, South Korea, was recently invited to take the USA Junior Math Olympiad, or USA(J)MO.  Of the thousands of test takers, only about 500 students are invited to take the USA(J)MO. 

The USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad is administered simultaneously and synchronously across US time zones.  This year administration will be on Tuesday April 19 and Wednesday April 20.  It will consist of six essay-proof questions to be solved over two days.

The top dozen or so students who take the USAJMO are invited to the Math Olympiad Summer Program at Carnegie Mellon, where potential International Math Olympians are developed. 

Congratulations to Daniel on this terrific accomplishment!  

Daniel Lee '18

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