2016-17 School Leadership

Jake Goorno & Grace Crozier, 2016-17 School Co-Presidents

In the election for School President and Vice President, the voting resulted in an unprecedented tie between rising seniors Jake Goorno and Grace Crozier.  As such, the two were elected as School Co-Presidents for the 2016-2017 school year!

Grace has been a member of the Middlesex family since she was a toddler, when her father, Matt Crozier, joined the faculty.  A day student from Concord, Grace is an avid participant in the Arts at Middlesex.  She sings in the Small Chorus and Chapel Chorus, and she has enjoyed leading roles in the School's dramatic productions.  She plays on the squash and lacrosse teams and also enjoys the club life on campus:  Grace is co-head of the Indie Music Club and a member of both MXTV and Freedom of Speech.  Her favorite aspect of Middlesex "as cheesy as it may be," she says, "is the community.  Everyone is so invested in the school, you can't help but feel motivated and happy."

Jake hails from nearby Sudbury.  He enjoys playing varsity hockey and baseball and leading the school's Ethics Club.  "I love that everyone at Middlesex is passionate and engaged," says Jake.  "It makes for an exciting and intellectual atmosphere.  I also love the ability to be friends with all different types of kids, from different grades, with different backgrounds and interests."  

Jake and Grace have two overarching goals for the 2016-2017 school year:  to make it "our best year yet" and "to make it easy to enjoy every day on campus."  They look forward to helping everyone in the community come forward with ideas and put those ideas into action.  
Congratulations to Grace and Jake!

Jake Goorno & Grace Crozier, 2016-17 School Co-Presidents

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